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Pranking the nation with a name change.

the task at hand

We gained an insight into how many consumers pronounced Vimto incorrectly. Despite the brand being loved by millions, some seem to add a rogue 'P' to the name. So we decided to create a single static social media post and lean into it, for a bit of fun!

the IDEA & Execution

Well...it kinda went a bit viral.

The response was mad, as 100's of people started commenting and sharing within minutes of the post going live. Within 24hrs we were all looking at each other discussing a 'viral' moment. The post was shared far and wide gaining organic reach of almost 3m across Meta and over 260k engagements.

People shared it on Twitter and LinkedIn. They couldn't believe that not only THEY pronounced it VimPto, but that WE (the brand) were deadly serious about accepting our fate and changing the name.

As the post gained coverage in The Sun, Ladbible, Birmingham Live and many more, and after the Vimto team were asked to go on the Manchester Evening News, we decided we had to come clean. It was a prank, we weren't changing our wold famous name.