Content Production
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Inspiring social media for The Inspiration Organisation

Creating beautiful looking social media content that inspires staff and attendees

the task at hand

Planners increasingly want customised, unique venues for their events. It’s this desire for ‘more’ which is fast reshaping the meetings industry. Traditional convention centres and bland conference rooms are losing ground, as organisers seek trendier, more accommodating and well designed one-day venue providers. Enter etc.venues…

The challenge was to create a social media strategy and content that showcased the brand's USPs, focusing on its no1 pillar...food!

the IDEA & Execution

We started by creating a platform strategy that focused on LinkedIn and Twitter, using Facebook & Instagram to complement our plans. By defining clear content pillars we were able to focus on the right USPs with consistency and frequency, reaching our target audience of event planners through creative LinkedIn content.

Our content pillars covered tech, art & design, customer service and food. With food taking centre stage, we worked with etc.venues chefs to elevate their food into beautiful food photography.

But how does a social media agency inspire chefs to create exquisite looking food?

By creating simple, yet beautiful food photography, we've inspired the chefs at etc.venues to all up their game. They all want their food to look great and appear on social media, which in turn has meant that attendees get even better food, and want to return to etc.venues in the future. It's the ultimate win-win.